Welcome to Dr. Suzie Carmack's Genius Break "Work Week" Challenge!
Ready to reboot your work week with 5 days of mindful movement at your desk...plus two bonuses (a yoga for the mat intro class & an inspiring keynote)? Great! Then let's begin.
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It's important that we make sure that we agree on the ground rules of your participation.
As a teacher committed to your safety and your well-being, I WANT YOU TO BE SAFE AND FEEL GREAT IN THIS PROGRAM. So that means a few things for both of us.
When you click on the "Yes I Agree" link below, you are communicating that your doctor has cleared you to participate in this exercise program, and that you are following their guidance appropriately during your participation.  You also agree that because YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR MIND AND BODY you own and assume all risk of your participation, now and in the future, and release Dr. Suzie Carmack, her LLC and all of her associates of any and all liability associated with your participation in this program. 
You also agree that you will listen to your body, go at your own pace, only do the movements and activities that work well for you, and to listen to the wisdom of your mind, body and heart. Please click the button below if you can agree to all of these terms, and get excited because now that you understand these ground rules, we can finally get started!
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Welcome to this 10 minute "Yoga 101" practice.  Let us know how you feel about the practice -- after you join me of course!

Welcome to this 10 minute Genius Break (Mindful Movement) practice for the office!

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Please share your thoughts about the practice in the comment box under the video - after you practice with me of course!
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